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Butch Lumpkin

Butch Lumpkin

Inspirational Golf Entertainer and Speaker
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Butch Lumpkin is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and multisport athlete. Despite being born with a physical challenge caused by thalidomide, Lumpkin never let his short arms or missing fingers slow him down in any challenge. James “Butch” Lumpkin has been performing and coaching for over 30 years. He was first featured as a tennis professional on CNN, CBN and in World Tennis Magazine. He’s won the President’s Award for his outstanding contributions to the U.S. Professional Tennis Association and Independent Pro Of The Year for the state of Georgia for his teaching ability. Butch has a passion for golf and has been showcased on the Golf Channel and Golf In America. He showcases his positive attitude and recounts stories of overcoming obstacles in his life as he competes and entertains at tour events. The finesse and talent Butch has in golf and tennis has been featured through exhibitions and clinics all across America.

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